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Alan Saunderson has over 15 years' experience conducting funeral services throughout the West of Scotland. He will work with your family to provide a full religious, semi-religious or non-religious service that will be a fitting tribute to your loved one.


Alan will help make one of the most difficult days of your family’s lives a bit easier with an appropriate memorial service for your loved one.

While anyone may conduct a funeral service, this is an area where Alan’s experience, professionalism and personal empathy can make the difference between a beautiful moving service or one which leaves the family feeling disappointed.

Click here to contact Alan and discuss your requirements.


Unlike a secular ceremony, hymns, scripture readings and prayers can be included. Also, favourite music can be played.


If you want family or friends to take part (to read a poem or deliver a eulogy) this can also be accommodated.


The service may take place at the Funeral Director's service room, crematorium chapel, graveside or, as is becoming more popular, a hotel or community hall. The service could begin at another location, for example, your home.

The funeral outline will be discussed and settled upon when Alan visits your home. There will be deep, ongoing and thorough communication with your family. Alan will also provide you with a draft tribute of the eulogy a few days before the service to ensure that all information included is accurate.

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Thanks for your message. Alan will be in touch as soon as possible.

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